Cleaning With No Station Downtime, Now with Biofuel support!

With state of the art fuel cleaning and tank contaminant removal systems that make sense, our technology allows customers to continue pumping at the dispensers while our technicians perform the cleaning process. Through visual tank cleaning you can confirm the job has been done properly and you have less risk of problems in the future. Our customers are pleased with the advanced water separation and filtration we use creating minimal amounts of wasted fuel.

The inspection and fuel cleaning services of Optic Fuel Clean of CA addresses the issues that matter most to petroleum marketers. Maintaining fuel quality and becoming proactive with tank maintenance will prevent costly repairs, downtime and tank replacement.

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The Benefits of Us Cleaning Your Tanks

  • Visual Cleaning System
  • Minimal Waste Filtration
  • Tank Preparation for Ethanol
  • Tank Preparation for BioDiesel
  • General Tank Maintenance
  • AST / UST Cleaning