Can Contamination Be Treated?

Can Fuel Contaminated by Organisms be Treated?

The answer is, Yes!  But the contaminated fuel needs to be filtered, and the tank needs to be cleaned.  Our technology for Optic Fuel Clean of CA will clean the tank as well as filter the fuel with its All In One process.  Then by adding algaecide the growth of any additional algae will be majorly slowed down, as well as killing these organisms or bugs.

What Causes the Contamination?  

The contamination is caused by microscopic living cells.  These can be either a mold type fungus, or bacteria.  The same thing will happen with cheese, or bread. Even when you refrigerate these foods, they will still ultimately be contaminated by mold.  So it is with fuel when Hydrocarbon Utilizing Microorganisms begin to colonize.

They will enter your fuel tank either by the fill tubes, the vents, or sucked in due to the way the tank breathes during temperature fluctuation or tank volume.  If your fuel is just sitting in the tank, it is more likely to be contaminated than fuel that is consumed rapidly.  Fuel that is used at a service station with high volume, or used for a generator is less likely to be contaminated.   

Where does the Contamination Originate?  

The contamination can originate from just about everywhere to anywhere.  These organisms are in the soil, the air, as well as the water.  Whenever fuel is handled, contamination can increase.  This can happen anywhere from the high arctic, to tropical areas.

Can These Organisms be Detected?  

There are actually two ways to detect these organisms.  

  1. By Laboratory Testing- This will cost anywhere from $200 to $700.  
  2. Visual Observation- A build of of black, reddish, or green substances with foul smell will be seen on and around the fuel filters. Optic Fuel Clean of CA can take a sample right from the tank, and put it into a clear container.  That way you can see the contamination for yourself.  

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