Are there organisms in your petroleum products?

Believe it or not, there are organisms that reside in your petroleum products. The most common ones are Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Cladosporium Resinae. These organisms are either water or air borne.

What do they do?

These bugs (organisms) multiply and live in the fuel/water interface. They live in the water, and are feed themselves with the hydrocarbons that exists in the fuel. Many refer to these as H.U.M. (Hydrocarbon Utilizing Microorganisms). They form dark gel like mats as they grow. The sludge, water, acids and other harmful by products are produced from the waste of these organisms. These bugs will consume O Rings, tank linings, rubber gaskets, and coatings so they can reach their mineral content.

Will they harm equipment?
The bugs will pose a major threat to your equipment! When they establish themselves in the fuel, they double in population every twenty minutes! Then they form a hazardous slime that is either green, brown, or black. This dangerous slime will-
Corrode injectors and pumps
Clog fuel lines, gauges, and fuel filters.
Cause hoses, washers, and connectors to blister and swell.
Cause poor fuel economy due to degraded fuel.

This type of contamination can also keep particulate and water from settling away from the fuel. These organisms can also cause major equipment failure, which results in excessive downtime. There may also be back up equipment power outages.

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