The System

Our patent pending system utilizes a fiber optic scope and controllable probe with an extraction device that can visually inspect and clean fuel storage tank bottoms simultaneously with any fuel level. The cleaning unit is used to inspect and clean all types of fuel.

This system is designed to locate and remove water, sludge, bacteria, rust particles and sediment in all locations in the tank bottom including any low spots where water and bacteria accumulate. The system can also remove the contamination and place it in our on board holding tanks. The mixed good fuel and contaminates are filtered with our 10 stage filtering process and the clean fuel is returned back to the storage tank while the contaminates are removed at the same time.

One of the big benefits of this system is the customer continues to pump fuel while we are inspecting and cleaning the tank bottoms. There is no tank downtime or lost revenue for the station owners. Another big benefit is because we can visually see in the tank as well as what we are removing and we filter out the contaminates, we take very little good fuel for a substantial savings on waste removal.

An annual maintenance program to inspect and clean tanks is available for the best rates possible.

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