Maintenance Program

Optic Fuel Clean of CA offers a 3 year maintenance program. We have had tremendous success with our program. The prices at the time of sign up are locked/fixed prices for 3 years.

This program has many benefits. We were very pleased when a state inspector had commented to us that this is the first time in the history of the fuel cleaning business that he has ever heard of a company implementing a maintenance program. He was surprised in hearing that and we are very happy to offer it. Costs are always on the rise and this is our way of helping you maintain the quality of your fuel at an affordable cost. There are no hidden charges.

Our customers on this program are satisfied with the results not to mention the savings. Taking preventive measures is one way of keeping on top of things and avoiding future issues that arise with fuel. Our program is one of a kind and is very beneficial when it comes to Maintaining your Fuel.

When it comes to sweeping tank bottoms and removing contaminates, along with our Fiber Optic Scope, you have the assurance that your fuel is clean. For more information please contact Optic Fuel Clean of CA.